Free MLB picks for today

The free MLB pick for today 05/28/2015 is Texas Rangers -109.  We are now 6-3 in MLB picks in May and another overall winning month of free picks for our clients and visitors.  We offer sports betting advice for both the novice and the connoisseur from the best sports handicappers in the business today.  We have the best, most informative writing on betting MLB, NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball and NHL hockey.  We introduce you to the best sport handicappers in the world and document fascinating profiles of sports handicapping personalities!  All of our sports picks come with expert ratings and playing notes.  We love making winning picks ATS (Against the spread)! Our picks even come with a guarantee of satisfaction!

Free MLB pick for Thursday

The free MLB pick for Thursday 05/21/2015 is take the Houston Astros +150.  Yes, this is a big dog, but that is how you win in the long run betting on baseball.  Yes, our sports handicapping software picked this pick and our sports handicappers (some of the best in the business) verified this predictions potential.  Artificial Intelligence has an advantage, it is cold and calculated in it's analysis - it does not have the emotions us mere humans are hampered with.  5-3 in free pick straight plays in May, and looking to extend that record this afternoon.  If you are wondering what to do on your trip to Las Vegas, Nevada - why not try sports betting?

So, order your free drinks at your favorite casino sports book, sit back and enjoy the game.

Free MLB parlay and straight play

Today's free MLB parlay for 05/17/2015 is Oakland Athletics -135 & New York Mets -128. Today's free MLB straight pick is New York Mets -128.  Parlays are a great way to reduce your risk when you have multiple teams you feel strongly about winning but do not want to outlay all that cash to make  profit.  As a sport handicapper, picking winners is one of the most important things that I do.  I live for football season, but I cannot just put my handicapping abilities on the shelf for months at a time in the off season.  So I go light on MLB and basketball picks.  You should consider staying in the game too.  The benefits are that you will not be rusty come football season 2015 and you should be a winner right out of the gate.

Free MLB pick for Friday Night plus a free parlay!

The free MLB pick for Friday Night 05/15/2015 is take the Houston Astros -138.  Want a free parlay?   The sport handicappers will be posting a guaranteed 2 or 3 team parlay this weekend in our free sports picks forum.

Our sports picks forum is new, but we are building it into one of the bets out there.  We even welcome other sports handicapping services to post their picks in the forum!  Yes, we might lose some of our clients doing this, but if another service is that good then we will play their picks too!

We are also doing this because our predictions can stand on our own.  Is your handicapper willing to let other cappers post picks on their site and links to their services?  Didn't think so.

MLB Pick for Wednesday Night

The free MLB pick for Wednesday night 05/13/2015 is take the New York Mets -105.  The Mets have lost their last 2 games and need to dig in to get a win today to stop their losing streak.  The Best Sports Handicappers are noting that the NY Mets have not been swept in a series this year and doubt that the Chicago Cubs will be the first team to sweep them this year.

So, grab you popcorn and cracker jack and get ready to watch a great game tonight while you aim to win!

Free MLB Pick for Saturday and Winning Pick review.

Today's free MLB pick is 05/09/2015 New York Mets -115.  Yesterday we won with The Chicago Cubs (EVEN).  We are now 2-2 in May.  Yeah, 2-2 and ready to turn the corner into profit.  Listen, would you rather go 150-100 in a month or 3-2?  Think about the ramifications of the two for a moment.  In one case you get a ton of action but with it comes volatility.  You would have to bet smaller and more often - basically working harder with more bankroll swings.

So, let's watch the game and root for the NY Mets to bring us the money.  Our software makes its living by reducing the sports books overall profits for the year.  When you follow us, you add to our strength.

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New MLB picks Sports Handicappers Algorithm

Yesterday we implemented a new algorithm and got the easy winner of 05/07/2015 Kansas City Royals -103.  Today our sports handicapping software is predicting a win on 05/08/2015 of the Chicago Cubs EVEN.  This is the play that our sport handicappers have determined is the best pick on the board.

When we say sports handicappers we mean both Artificial Intelligence (writes and evolves its own algorithm) and old school cappers sitting in the book.

We love what we do and what we do is predict winners for you.  It is our passion.  We don't need your money, all our predictions are free until football season.  If we need cash we will just bet our predictions ourselves.  Can your sports handicapper do that?

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Free Major League Baseball Pick Prediction

For 05/07/2015 we are expecting the Kansas City Royals -103 to avenge their loss yesterday and win this game against the Cleveland Indians.  Did you know that getting winning free MLB picks is difficult?  There are so few consistent winning MLB handicappers.

We are aiming to change that. Subscribe for our free MLB picks email newsletter and tell us how many free picks per day you are looking for.  We are looking forward to hearing form you.

Free Wednesday Night MLB pick

Did you visit this site to find out what everyone is talking about?  We give out more free picks winners than anyone.  The free MLB pick for Wednesday Night 04/29/2015 is take the New York Mets -106.  Can't believe it, we are actually predicting the Mets to win the World Series at this time.  Better grab a tub of bubble gum and watch the game tonight against the Miami Marlins.