Free NFL Against The Spread Selection for 10/26/2014

Today’s free NFL SELECTION is Houston -3.5 (-107).  Houston has what it takes to be a top football team, they just keep making mistakes and losing games.  We are not sure how they continue to self destruct.  Some of the recent games they have seemed to have had complete control.  The staff here believed the game was on lock.  Then they imploded.  Case in point the recent loss to Pittsburgh.  They gave up 24 points in under 3 minutes.  That hadn’t happened in about 3,000 NFL games!  Our prediction is that Houston will fix these issues and become a top team ATS the remainder of the season.  Why?  Big bettors have been burned by this team and will shy away form making big bets on them. The public will bet against them.  The smart bettor will take them ATS and make some good profits.  Watch this team ATS the remainder of the season and see how this prediction holds up.  Good luck!

NFL free selection for Thursday Night

For tonight we are taking the NE PATS (-9.5).  What is our reasoning?  Our free picks experts acknowledge that -9.5 is a ton of points, plus it is raining and the Patriots have numerous injury issues.  Still, our specialist expect the Jets to lose this game by a much wider margin due to a lack of offense and defense.  Good luck!