Another MLB winner review

Another MLB winner yesterday with  6/19 Washington Nationals +110!  We started out the month 0-3 in free picks and then turned the month around ending up well in the money and 6-5 overall.  Hey, hey why are you saying ending the month it is only the 20th?  Because I need a vacation as does everyone around here.  Free picks will be sporadic until late July.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't stay tuned, just expect fewer free plays and expect them less often.  Don't worry, you will win plenty of cash during football season to name your next child after one of us.

Here were our June free picks:

06/01/2015 St.Louis Cardinals -145 Loss
06/03/2015 Milwaukee Brewers +150 Loss
06/06/2015 St.Louis Cardinals +180 Loss
06/10/2015 Pittsburgh Pirates -140 Win
06/11/2015 Atlanta Braves -113 Loss
06/13/2015 Washington Nationals +105 Win
06/15/2015 Seattle Mariners +118 Win
06/16/2015 Miami Marlins -105 Win
06/17/2015 New York Mets +190 Loss
06/18/2015 Boston Red Sox -115 Win
06/19/2015 Washington Nationals +110 Win

Now, what happened after we started 0-3?  The handicapping algorithm adapted itself automatically.  Basically, starting 6/13 the software is making predictions differently.  We see this happen during virtually every season.  We win like crazy, then we start picking losers, then the algorithm is adapted and we win again.  The thing is we are now able to adjust the ship back into winning waters quicker than before, but we still cannot predict when that change needs to occur before it happens.  Maybe one day we will.  For now, it is not a big deal.  We win plenty.  Talk to you soon.

P.S.  Happy Father's day to all the great dads out there!

MLB free picks winner again

Yesterday we won easily with 06/18/2015 Boston Red Sox -115.  The sports handicappers in conjunction with our software came up with another winner.  We are looking to extend that today with 06/19/2015 Washington Nationals +110.

Personally, these next few weeks feel like no man's land to me.  Here I am waiting for football season to start so that I can start giving out free NFL and College football winners.  What could be better than that.

Waiting is hard.  So I am going to take some vacation time and also prepare for the football season to start.  Tonight I am watching the game and seeing if the software put us on to sports betting gold again.

Free MLB picks advocate

We are the webs #1 MLB free picks advocate.  Our sports handicappers have graded all the MLB games on the schedule for today and have chosen the following free pick out of the rotation.  The free MLB pick for 06/18/2015 is Boston Red Sox -115.

The Boston Red Sox have been a major disappointment to fans and to sports bettors this season.  Their performance has even been worse than most handicappers have predicted and that means sports bettors are ending up on the losing side more than they should.

Our sports handicapping software is showing us that the Boston losing streak should be bottoming out soon.  Is this the bottom?  We think so, and look for Boston to get a bounce into the win column with this game tonight.

MLB Dog is our softwares favorite pick tonight

Who let the dogs out?  Tonight for 06/17/2015 in MLB we are betting on New York Mets +190.  This is a big dog.  Toronto looks good, especially form the pitching side.  So what's up with this pick?  First of all, and we mean no disrespect, we predict that Toronto's pitching will not show up tonight. Hey, it is just a prediction - the software says so.  And the software has just picked 3 winners in a row.  I warned you, soon artificial intelligence software will be going online and paying humans for services with the money it is making picking winners in a legal online sportsbook.  It will also be buying storage in the cloud and writing it's own code.  Yes sir.

So when I see NY METS +190 as the software's pick for tonight I jump on it.  How about you?  Let's circle back tomorrow for a review and a recap.

Oh yeah, thanks to IBM.  Netezza in the cloud is awesome!

Spicy MLB pick for tonight

For tonight 06/16/2015 we are predicting that the Miami Marlins -105 will defeat the NY Yankees at home.  Miami has the edge this season in this current situation.  Will this be a low scoring game?  If you look at the game match up historically, and handicap it accordingly, the under looks good.

But, don't forget the number 3 we mentioned before and how to factor it in to your probability formulas to account for that 'X Factor'.  By that we mean the unexpected factor that causes all your predictions to go off the rails.  Something like an error that would have ended the game, but instead the game continues into extra innings an a ton of runs score.

Tonight we expect an 'X factor' game.  Look for this one to depart from the historical trend and throw most of the sports handicappers for a loop.  We have just won back to back MLB predictions and are looking to add to that winning streak with this pick tonight.

Hot MLB pick for tonight.

Today's hot MLB game winning prediction for 06/15/2015 is Seattle Mariners +118.  The sports handicappers have tested all the games on the board for today and have determined that this is the best play for today.

Sports handicapping software and analytics have improved dramatically over the past decade.  We can now scrape the internet for information and statistics and produce robust probability models.  It is basically alchemy with electronics.  It is a philosopher's stone for the modern day era.

When we think about artificial intelligence and self sufficiency of the technology, imagine in the future an AI that had a legal sports betting account online.  It was able to predict winners at a rate high enough to earn cash.  It then paid humans to do anything it required.  It may not be science fiction anymore, it may be coming soon.

Interestingly, football predictions are what our software does best.  That is perfect because that is what most sports bettors want too - football winners.

Today’s free MLB picks from our handicapper

The MLB pick for today 06/13/2015 in MLB is Washington Nationals +105.

Milwaukee has not won three consecutive games in a row playing against a single team this season.  Somehow they have now managed to defeat the Washington Nationals twice in a row.  I am just looking at this losing trend of Milwaukee and are wondering if it will continue.  Personally, I have to bet on Milwaukee losing today.  If they do, I think I am going to bet on this trend for the remainder of the season.  Baseball to me is just a way to pass the months in between football.  Personally, I wish that college football would break up the season by division so that we could have games almost year round.  If they did that it would probably be the end of many of these other summer sports.

So, there you have it.  Today's free MLB pick from the sports handicappers.  we employee the best sports handicappers so that we consistently win in all sports, and especially in football ATS (against the spread).

Free picks in MLB for this afternoon

This afternoon's free pick in MLB for 06/11/2015 is take the Atlanta Braves -113.  Picking MLB winners is a slow process and you have the money line to contend with.  In football we are betting ATS and our us and downs are mostly static with a line of -110.  Plus with dogs in football our team can lose the game and still cover the point spread.

When betting baseball you need to be careful with the odds. Always shop for the best odds available, doing that will easily improve your sports handicapping win rate over the course of a season.

We try to stick with games in the -150 to +180 range.  Outside of that winning gets harder in the long run.  Lose a couple -210 games and you will see what we mean.  You would be better off going 1-3 on odds of +150 than 0-2 at -210.  See what we mean?

MLB expert pick for today


For this afternoons game on 06/03/2015 we are taking the Milwaukee Brewers +150.  Yes, they are the under dog in this game, but St. Louis has struggled scoring runs.  If Milwaukee can get a break and score some runs, they could pull this one off.  That +150 line is enticing enough to us to go after this one, and that is coming from the combined wisdom of the world's best sports handicappers.

Editors Note:

Don't always go after the heavy favorites.  If they always won, the sports books would be out of business.  Learn to love sports betting dogs and you will be happy.  Remember, a dog is mans best friend!

Professionally handicapped MLB game winning prediction for today

So our world famous sports handicappers have just posted another free professionally handicapped MLB game winning prediction for today 06/01/2015.   Take the St.Louis Cardinals -145 in tonight's action to win the game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Our sports handicapping process is as follows.  We continuously use software to help us find the best games on the board each day.  Then we have the sports handicappers check the predictions to determine the actual games that will be released to our clients and the public.

Free MLB picks for today

The free MLB pick for today 05/28/2015 is Texas Rangers -109.  We are now 6-3 in MLB picks in May and another overall winning month of free picks for our clients and visitors.  We offer sports betting advice for both the novice and the connoisseur from the best sports handicappers in the business today.  We have the best, most informative writing on betting MLB, NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball and NHL hockey.  We introduce you to the best sport handicappers in the world and document fascinating profiles of sports handicapping personalities!  All of our sports picks come with expert ratings and playing notes.  We love making winning picks ATS (Against the spread)! Our picks even come with a guarantee of satisfaction!

Free MLB pick for Thursday

The free MLB pick for Thursday 05/21/2015 is take the Houston Astros +150.  Yes, this is a big dog, but that is how you win in the long run betting on baseball.  Yes, our sports handicapping software picked this pick and our sports handicappers (some of the best in the business) verified this predictions potential.  Artificial Intelligence has an advantage, it is cold and calculated in it's analysis - it does not have the emotions us mere humans are hampered with.  5-3 in free pick straight plays in May, and looking to extend that record this afternoon.  If you are wondering what to do on your trip to Las Vegas, Nevada - why not try sports betting?

So, order your free drinks at your favorite casino sports book, sit back and enjoy the game.